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mosaicked children's picture book
Six Owls and A Party
8x10, 36 pages

Six Owls and A Party is a charming, one-of-kind children's book (ages 3-9) that comes alive with colourful and whimsical mosaicked illustrations. Children and adults are sure to be captivated by the enchanting mosaics that cleverly portray a variety of all too human emotions.
Six Owls and A Party was two years in the making; from creating the mosaics, to getting them photographed, to writing and re-writing the story, and then bringing everything together.
The original six, 1.5'x4', panels were made with glass beads, crystal rhinestones and thousands of glass tiles, all hand cut (one at a time) then glued into place (one at a time). It was a labour of love.

You can buy Six Owls and A Party here.
Hardcover ~ $22 CAN, Softcover ~ $15 CAN